Here are screenshots from the finalised web app project. 

As part of the brief, we were asked to create a web app for a targeted audience that would be able to connect to a database. From the front end, the user should be able to view posts, register for an account and be able to post to the database. 

As a group, we have created SUBU (Student Offers for Bournemouth Uni), a play on SUBU, the Student’s Union of Bournemouth University. 

The website allows people to view, sign up for an account and post offers and discounts in the local area around Bournemouth. I think the idea is a strong one because it has a clear target market of University students and could be localised to other universities very easily. 

The group consisted of myself, Hallam and Robin and I feel that we worked well in a team. This was my first time building a website from scratch and I didn’t feel that confident with coding because it’s something i’ve never properly done before, however I got myself stuck in and being in a group helped a lot.  I do still feel as though I need more practise with code, especially CSS, as that is the area I struggled with the most I think. We used Bootstrap to help with the CSS so it wasn’t too difficult. Bootstrap is useful, but in review, it would look better if we had coded the CSS ourselves, as Bootstrap has become quite a generic framework to use. 

I enjoyed working with the database, I found PhpMyAdmin very easy to use, and PHP coding I found difficult but I found that after sitting down working it out logically helped me understand it.  

I believe we have met the requirements outlined within the brief successfully and overall I am pleased with the end result. 


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