A system for my weblog

I have been asked to develop a system for weblog. Having a system in place for my weblog will benefit both myself and other visitors for my site as finding the desired content would be easier and will look visually more professional because it will be less cluttered. 


Tagging has been and will continute to be a big way that I organise my blog. Tumblr lets me add tags to each post and I have been tagging each post according to it’s unit title. So, for example, I have been tagging posts in this particular unit with “#Design for Digtal Media Design”. What I then do is add a new page on my nav bar, with each new page named after each unit. Then, when a visior clicks on a unit title in the nav bar, it takes them to a page with all posts with that tag, with the newest at the top of the page.

Moving forward I think I shall need to organise my posts in more detail. For example, tagging posts depending on what stage of the project I am at, such as research or the final product.I would then create a new page that shows all my research

I am also considering moving my blog over from Tumblr to WordPress. This is because what I have been told by peers and my lectures, it is easier to organise posts through WordPress as not only does it offer tagging, but also offers a category system. This would make it easier, as I wouldn’t have to manually create a page to see all the posts under a certain project as I have to do now with Tumblr.

Using HTML

I have been advised to start write my future in html, rather then the rich text editor included within Tumblr. I have started doing that with this post. This allows me more freedom with the content, rather than the stardard Tumblr formatting.This will also help me develop my HTML skills as I will be using it on a more regular basis.

Page and post Layout

In the seminar, it was explained that it was best to have the content of the page centred on the webpage to make it easier to follow for the visitors to my weblog. The benefit of Tumblr is that the layout will automatically setup for me so that it always centres the content on the page.

Posting Regularly

Its been advised that we post to the blog on a regular basis and document things such as initial thoughts, sketches, brainstorms and anything relevant to the project. What I plan on doing is posting short updates but lots of them regularly. This way it will be easy to track what is happening with each project as they will be easy to read.


With images, I need to ensure they are of good quality, especially with hand drawn images such as brainstorms and sketches. In the future I will use university scanners to scan in hand drawn images, as previously I have used my smarphone camera to capture the drawings, which hasn’t been the best quality


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