Group Meeting – our concept.

I have met up with my group and discussed about the project. After brainstorming, we came up with an idea based around student living whilst at university.

The website will be the go to place to find student offers and reviews about local businesses around Bournemouth. These includes food places, clubs and leisure facilities.

Users wil be able to login to the site and post about a business, catagorise it and then write a review about it.

For example, a student notices a local take-away running a student deal, they can then login to the site and add the business to the site for other students to see. This benefits both the student as they can get good value, but also benfits the business too, as they would essentially get free advertising.

I think personally this would be a great tool, and one that I would use, as I know first hand, as a student its difficult to find all the cheap deals in one place. I think it would help particualry first year students who are not familiar with the area.

I think that as a concept, it is a really good one, because if successfull, it could be expanded and locasised to other areas of the country and other universities.


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