Here is my completed poster. It shows my Facebook friends using percentages and sub categorised into male and female, whilst also splitting into groups of people, such as people I work with, or people in my immediate family. 

I found it interesting because I could see data from my own personal Facebook stats, for example I learnt that my Facebook friends are split half and half between males and females.

In terms of what went well and not so well I think the design concept is good because I have used devices that will make the poster very understandable to audiences without it explained to them. I did this by re-creating the Facebook news feed using Vector Graphics in InkScape, which is a free design programme. I think because I used these graphics, its very easy to understand what the poster is trying to represent. 

However, I do feel though that the data set that I decided on was a bit too simple,kind of very literal and obvious and I think that if I were to do this again, I would possible research more into the sort of connections between my friends


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