I have completed the layout for my poster. As I am using data from Facebook, I thought it would be great visually to use the Facebook News Feed page as a kind of background for the data. The Facebook News Feed is iconic in ways and is I think visually the audience of the poster will recognise that I am trying to represent Facebook.

Firstly, I opened a new A2 document on Inkscape. I then created  5 rectangles for the top bar and “posts”,- where my data would be placed.  To match the colours of the blue for the banner and the background I took a screen grab of my personal Facebook news feed and then opened this in Photoshop. I then used the Eyedropper tool and it told me exactly what colour was being used. I then copy and pasted the RGB value into Inkscape to match the colour. 

I also found online the font that Facebook use and used the same one for the text used within the poster, so it would make it resemble the Facebook news feed even more. 

To make it more realistic I traced the Facebook logo and added to the top bar. To do this, I opened a new Inkscape document, downloaded the logo from Google Images and imported it into the document. I then used a new layer and used the “draw bezier curves and straight line” tool to trace the outline of the logo. It then created a new shape based on the lines that I had connected. I then used the “node” tool tweak the lines. I then removed the logo that I had downloaded from the background so it just the trace. II then copied and pasted the trace into the poster. 

I did the same thing for the Facebook thumb logo, another recognisable icon from the website. 


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