Upon thinking about which topic my poster will be about, I have decided that I will be making a poster based around “What is your Social Network?”. For this I will look at my Facebook profile and its Friends list. 

I found the above poster on Information is Beautiful (link : http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/2014/who-rules-the-social-web-2/). It displays a graphic about who rules social media. It uses a simple graphic of  a person to represent a data set to the audience, which is very simple to understand. I believe this sort of graphic would be useful in showing my data to the audience to, as it doesn’t take much to fully understand what the graphic is representing.

I also think I can use different colours to present different ideas to the audience, for example splitting my lists into categories of males and females to answer the question of how many males and how many female Facebook friends I have. I could colour these as blue (males) and pink (females), because media stereotypes these colours to each gender, so it would be easy for the audience to understand the data.

Going forward, I shall research my Facebook friends lists and create a mind map of the categories I can place my Facebook friends In and how I can represent this data on my poster. 


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