This is a screen shot from my personal Facebook profile, to show how many friends I have, in total 403 (3 of these belong to a business, so in fact I have 400 friends)  Facebook has used information from my own profile which I uploaded to categorise my friends into six groups. These are:

  • Recently added: people whom I have recently added as friends on Facebook.
  • Work (7) : People whom I used to work with as Bose Corporation.
  • University (47) : People who also attend Bournemouth University.
  • High School (147):  People whom also attended Bicester Community College, the secondary school I attended.
  • Current City (28) : People who also currently live in Bournemouth.
  • Home Town (148): People who grew up in Bicester, my home town.

I shall look into how Facebook categories these into close friends, acquaintances etc. 


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