Development and Realisation – Introduction – Monday 17.11.14

Today, we began a new unit in the course: Development and Realisation. We had an introductory lecture which detailed what the unit would be about, what tasks we have to complete and what sort of software and skills we would be learning in workshops.  

We have been given two tasks to complete in this unit. 

Task 1: Design Analysis

The first task of the unit is to compile a blog of supporting work throughout the module reflecting initially on my ideas of communication and information design. Then, as a means towards research and planning the work as a response to the communication design A2 poster brief (task 2).

I shall be using this blog to track research, the development of my ideas and work in progress and I should clearly illustrate a progression from the start of an idea right through to the finalising of details. I should include any brainstorms, cuttings from any media, looking as and documenting existing works across a variety of media as reference, working though and refining ideas, doodles and anything relevant in the research and completion of the poster. I must include references for sources. 

I should aim to post on the blog every two days to track my research and planning and avoid describing step by step technical processes. 

Submission and deadline information: 

Submit blog URL as digital document (.doc or .pdf) as well as print to pdf copy of all pages in blog. Submit via Turn it in submission on MyBu.


Task 2: Communication Design

For the second task of the unit, I am challenged to visually communicate an idea detailed as part of the brief of my choosing and a set of data about it as an A2 poster, in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Having looking at the brief, two ideas initially stood out to me. These were:

1. Where have you been and when? – Visually map the places you have been over the course of your life.

2. What is your social network? Visualise your Facebook social network using Facebook class-action of close friends, family and acquaintances. 

These two ideas instantly attracted me to them because I believe I could use elements of social media as part of them, which I have a real passion for. For example, with the “where have you been and when?” idea, I could use location data from services such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Apple’s location data from photos taken from my Apple products, such as my iPhone.  

The Facebook idea, again attracted me to it because it is based around Facebook, the worlds largest social networking website. I think I would enjoy learning and producing a poster about this again because I have a passion for social media. 

The emphasis however, is not on the data collection itself, so I need to make sure I don’t spend time collecting data unless it is simple and easily accessible. The audience must understand the idea and data from the poster alone and not with the use of supporting materials such as text or verbal communication. The poster must only use vector graphics primarily authored using Adobe’s illustrator software or Inkscape.

Submission and deadline information: 

Submission is made in two parts:

1. The A2 poster, submitted as  an A2 PDF copy

2. Critique (10 mins max), verbally present A2 poster.





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