During a number of workshops, I learnt some basic Java programming skills using Processing, a free open source programming language.  First of all, I learnt what Programming actually is.

In simple terms, programming is a set of instructions in order which are then interpreted by a machine (computer).  

I leant some definitions of different words used in programming, that are simplified so that a new programming, like myself can understand the terms in relatable ways. 

Programming vocabulary: Simplified 
IDE – Integrated development environment. Meaning: the programme we’re programming in
Variable – the building blocks of all programming. Stores information for us, numbers, objects etc.
Parentheses ( ) –  A fancy word for brackets
Functions and methods 
Function – set of commands. A Block of code. 
Method – similar to function, block of code. Methods belongs to a class
Class – stores blueprints for everything in our code. Different variables within that.
Data Type – type of information
Loop – something that loops until a condition is met
Compiler – written out code and when you hit “go”, the programme runs
Conditional statement – asking something, want true or false answer back
OOP – Object oriented programming. Meaning: idea of creating objects.
Camel Case – formatting conventions, naming functions and variables e.g. myVar – myFirstFunction – topScore.
Examples of work created in Processing

color [] myColors = {#8016ED, #3D1467, #28FA00};
void setup () {  size (200, 200);  fill (myColors [0]);  rect (60, 60, 60, 60);  println (“my program is starting”);}
int randomColor =int(random (0,3));color [] colorOfShape = {#8016ED, #3D1467, #28FA00};
void draw() {  fill (colorOfShape[randomColor]);  rect (60, 60, 60, 60);}
void mouseclicked(){  background (255);  randomColor = int (random (0,3));}

Here I created a rectangle that would be filled with a random colour. I used the Print Line function in order for me to tell me that my programme had started and was working correctly. 

Here I created a set of instructions that would create a graphic with random coloured circles which when clicked, would change position and colour. I found this difficult and I came into a few problems that I did manage to overcome. One particular thing I have to remember is when creating a function to always use prethesis and always remembers to close open prothesis as they work in pairs. 


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