In workshops, I have learnt some basic skills in HTML coding, which is the language used to create web pages. I have also been learning this outside of workshops too, looking into free tutorials using the website 

During the workshops, we used a piece of software called Brackets, a free open source text editor to write our html code in. This software is particularly useful as it makes suggestions on what it thinks you want to code. 

Similarly to processing and using Java, there are certain rules that I have to remember with HTML for my end product to be working fully, for example making sure to close open parenthesis. However, this issue can be solved easily in Brackets, as the software it suggests to the programmer to close an open set which is useful. 

I find HTML writing fairly simple, as the commands are pretty obvious and easy to understand. Here are a few example of HTML commands and what they do:

<head> </head> – this is used to show the user the title of the website, which appears in the browser window, for example in a tab.

<body> </body> – this is where the main content of the website is displayed, between the opening and closing tags.

<p> </p> – This is the paragraph tag, new paragraphs of text are opened and closed using this tag.

<h2> </h2> – this is the header tag. The number indicates the size of the header -h1 is the biggest, whilst h6 gives the smallest. 


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