Here I created a motion typography video using Adobe’s After Effects Software.

I selected a piece of audio from the motion picture “The Perks of Being a Wallflower and first imported it into After Effects. 

I wanted the video to fit the theme to the movie, so I imported two images to use as part of the background. The section in the film in which the audio is taken from, the central character is writing a letter to an anonymous recipient, so I downloaded images of lined paper and an American post stamp from Google. Again, I imported these into After Effects.

To start making the video, I created a new composition within the new project. I then set the background images into places and locked these, meaning I couldn’t change these after positioning them.

I then broke down the audio into each individual sentence, with each sentence having it’s own composition. On each composition, I used the Horizontal Text tool to write each word in the particular sentence. I then used the Active Selection tool (Shortcut V) to position each word into its place and made sure they were scaled as I wanted.

After positioning and scaling each word, I began to animate my words so they would appear on screen as the character spoke them in the audio. I used the Transform tool to edit items such as the size, orientation and opacity. I then had to make sure they appeared in time with the audio by dragging the time pointer to the right moment in time.  I did this process for each composition.

Once I had completed this, I selected all composition, right clicked not them and converted them into one whole composition, so each sentence would flow from one to the next. I then added this new composition to the render queue and exported it. 

Overall, I am pleased with the result, however, I feel like the words are sometimes too fast for too slow for the words to match up with the audio. Next time, to improve this, I would look further into the timings of the words, making sure they match up as accurately as possible by moving the animation a few frames forward or back. 

I used information I had received in my workshops, when I created a very similar style of video and used the techniques I had learnt in my own video. 


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