Here is my collage for Task 1 of Concept and Ideation. I was set the task to create a collage of objects that could be framed as letters of the alphabet then stitch them together using Adobe’s Photoshop software. 

To take the photo’s themselves, I used a mixture of my iPhone and a Digital SLR as I partnered with another member of my Seminar group to take the pictures. I then imported them to photoshop, editing the photo size to 300 x 300 pixels to ensure all photographs would be the same size.

I then used the layer tools on Photoshop to create my collage, putting each individual photograph onto a new layer. This then created a collage for the overall image. 

In terms of what went well and what didn’t go so well, I think that I need to develop my photography skills further, as I have never done any work in this field previously. With practise, I believe that the overall product would be much more to a professional standard. 


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