Task 2 – Temporal Expressions Introduction

We have been given a new task within the Concept and Ideation unit named “Temporal Expressions. I should aim to complete this by the next seminar, however the final assessment deadline is Monday 10th November. 

In this task I aim to:

  1. Use my blog to reflect on "Space and Time” expressions within Art History – from Cubism to Hockey. I shall research these and write about my findings on my blog. 
  2. Using the theme “Cycle” to experiment in the following:
  • Create a Joiner image in the style of David Hockney
  • Produce Creative photo images which exploit long exposer (eg light painting, motion blur, slit scan etc)
  • Produce creative photo images or sequence which exploit short exposure (eg sports, frozen motion etc)
  • Look into tutorials on cinemagraph techniques and parallax 2.5D techniques and create my own images using the “cycle” theme. 

My first step will be to complete research about these photography techniques, which I will blog about in the near future to present my findings. 


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