Concept and Ideation – Workshops 06.10.14

Within the last week I have had two workshops to introduce me to technical skills. 

My first workshop was based around Photoshop. I have no previous knowledge of photoshop, so I was a little apprehensive at first. However, we used the shortcuts available and I learnt how to use layers and layer masks. This technique would help me with the Photo Design project, in which I have to create a poster stitching together my own photos. I believe that I will need to repeat this process in order for me to be knowledgeable in the subject.

The second workshop was based around Processing, which is an open source programming language. This session I found particularly interesting because it stamped out many rumours that I heard about programming, things such as being good at maths. Again, I have no previous experience with programming. All the processes were explained in a relatable manner, and a particular video from ( ) made it easy to understand what programming is. We then did some programming using processing to create different functions. We started with a setting a size and background colour. By the end of the session, we had programmed a circle to follow the mouse cursor around the screen, allowing the user to “paint” circles around the screen. Once the user right clicked on the mouse, the background would change colour and it would the reset the drawing. Again, I will have to repeat this in order for me to learn it. As it is free, I have downloaded Processing onto my own personal Mac and plan to have a play around with this IDE. 


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