Photo Design task set – 29.09.14

Today in our first lecture, we were given a new brief about Photo Design.  We have to use a camera to take digital images of “naturally occurring shapes” which can be photographically framed into the letters A – Z of the alphabet. We will then use Photoshop to stitch them together. The deadline for this particular task is November 10th 2014. 

This is an example of previous work of this type: 



Induction project


We were set the task of producing a photo collage in our seminar group as an induction to our course at Bournemouth University. We were given a list of locations around bournemouth to track down. It worked like a competition, so the more people in the photo, the more points we would acquire. 

First of all, we set up a Facebook group to arrange when and where to meet. We arranged to meet at 2pm at Weymouth House, BU’s media school.The first photo we took was outside Poole House,the main reception area of the uni. 


We then went to find The Talbot house Student Centre and took another photo. 


After we had completed the two photos from within the uni, we took a ride in the car down to Asda in Bournemouth. We parked up and walked down to the railway station to take another photo.


From here, we walked into the town centre, which took about 20 minutes. We arrived at the lower gardens in the centre of town, and waited for one of our our group members to arrive. He arrived, and we took the photo in front of the Big Balloon. 


Once we had completed this photo, we walked down the beachfront and walked for about 20 minutes to find the Durley Inn Pub. We had Google maps on a Smartphone which helped guide us to the location. We arrived and stood around for about 10 minutes, as we got a bit confused as to where it was. We saw a Harvester and we came to the conclusion that the Durley Inn Pub had been converted into a Harvester. Again, we took the photo here, then decided after walking for a while that we fancied a drink. In the sun, it was lovely in what seems a late summer!


From here we all departed back home, then arranged to meet on 25.09.14 2pm at W119 to arrange the presentations and reports.

All in all, i’m liking meeting all these new people and everyone is so friendly here.